Diaspora Infrastructure Development Group (“DIDG”) is a company founded and duly incorporated in Zimbabwe and South Africa. DIDG is spearheaded largely by Zimbabwean Diasporas based in South Africa with the long term plan of expanding shareholder base to Zimbabwean residents and the rest of its Diaspora. DIDG’s principle motive is to establish ways that will unlock foreign capital inflows and know-how towards the development of Zimbabwe’s critical infrastructure, and drive the privatisation of critical infrustructure assets in partnership with Government.

Our Objective

Our objective is to privatize sections of the public sector economy and mobilize diaspora to partake in the process of funding and transforming the performance of these entities. Our  key strategic actions  are:

– Creation of a platform that Zimbabweans can participate in and ultimately hold ownership and control of Zimbabwean assets;

– Commissioning of competency driven task teams to focus on key sectors and perform rigorous assessments of assets and services

–  Setting up turnkey technical and financial partnership packages to turnaround the target parastatals and state owned entities by Engaging local, regional and International capital

–  Where needed, engage with government on reforming policies and regulation to attract Diaspora and international capital

Government Partnership

DIDG will work together with the Government or its agencies and parastatals through various partnership forms. These models will vary based on the nature of the underlying asset, project or investment. DIDG will ;

 – Identify the most appropriate methods of privatizing a specific parastatal and work with Government to implement them.

 – Facilitate Government and private sector engagements  during the deal structuring process

 – Drive the turnaround projects and continue the local capacity development post investment stages to ensure benefits realisation

Investment and Funding

A DIDG led commanding heights privatization programme gives Zimbabweans in the diaspora an opportunity to repatriate their wealth back home and support the infrastructure development program. DIDG willl enable this by:

 – Creating a platform(s) that diaspora  participate in and  through which they can hold and share ownership and control of the Zimbabwean assets

 – Securing investors and/or funders to inject capital into parastatals and recapitalisation initiatives

 – Setting up turnkey technical and financial partnership packages to turnaround the target assets. 

–  Bringing technology and skills required to successfully deliver the projects and services.